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Monday, 16 June 2014

The Name Game

How did you go about deciding your children's names? Did you stick to a theme? Perhaps take it in turns? Did you ask your other children for input? Or do you follow the syllable rule?

We are having the hardest time finding the perfect name for Baby Rampling!

When pregnant with Audrey, Luke and I chose to find out if we were expecting a boy or girl. As soon as we knew we had a little girl on the way names seemed to come easy and we quickly decided on Audrey May. Hormones and restlessness had me questioning our decision late in my third trimester but as soon as she popped her head out of the water and was placed on my chest it was clear she was our Audrey May...

This time round we have decided it would be nice to have a surprise and for the most part I love not knowing if Baby Rampling is pink or blue but it has made choosing a name far more difficult. Added to the difficulty is trying to find a name that compliments Audrey, we are not into 'matchy' names but I am definitely mindful of how the two names sound together.

While Luke and I tend to have similar taste when it comes to names he loves to throw some curve balls into the mix (showing his Bellingen upbringing) which intrigue me but I'm always unsure of. Oh and he absolutely refuses to have surnames as first names (which I absolutely love).

So here we are less then four weeks till our due date and without a name for our darling boy or girl... I have listed our top picks below but as you will see there are no matches! How long do you have before you have to register your child's name????

Luke's Top Five Pink Names:
1. Annabel
2. Harriet
3. Eadie
4. Winter
5. Primrose

Luke's Top Five Blue Names:
1. Louis
2. Arlo
3. Ayrton
4. William
5. Jude

My Top Five Pink Names:
1. Luisa
2. Magnolia
3. Marlowe
4. Francis
5. Spencer

My Top Five Blue Names:
1. Goodwyn
2. Hugo
3. August
4. Ari
5. Lawson

Frog's Top Five Pink Names:
1. Elsa
2. Elsa
3. Elsa
4. Elsa
5. Elsa

Frog's Top Five Blue Names:
1. Elsa
2. Elsa
3. Elsa
4. Elsa
5. Elsa


  1. My parents spent almost six months on deciding my name.. In Denmark you have to register your child's name within 6 months of birth.
    They wanted to meet their baby and see what she was like before deciding for good. Well...

    1. I love how your parents approached naming you Sissel! And what a beautiful name you have. I think it is so important for the name to compliment the child. We struck it lucky with our Audrey... Much love x

  2. Harriet is a really cute name.

    1. Hubby LOVES Harriet and I must admit I am coming around to it too. Wishing you a wonderful week Erin xxx

  3. My oh my I love all of these names. Eadie + Primrose are on our list, we also love Hattie. Love those choices Frog, O's are Rosy Rabbit... Naturally. PS. Got the names but need the baby, minor details xx