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Monday, 2 June 2014

Documenting Audrey | In The Kitchen

She takes great pride in helping to make the family meals. She measures, rolls, squeezes, and chops with lips pursed in concentration. Every so often I hear her whisper to herself "dis is gunna be weally nice". She looks to me for guidance but insists on doing most things herself. I cherish this time together and remind myself not to hurry her. As we sit down to enjoy her great feasts we give thanks and her contented smile warms my heart.

With my belly growing rounder and butterfly sensations turning into swift kicks I am reminded that in a few short months we will be a family of four. With this in mind I have started a little project for my first baby, our Frog. I want to remember her, the every day her, the things that somehow get missed in all the baby books and journals. Over the coming months I will document the little parts of her day that are so special at this age with a few photos and words, the third in this series is in the kitchen...

* You can see sleep here
** You can see play here


  1. Such a gorgeous little helper! And what a wonderful record you are keeping of this beautiful journey. Hope all is lovely with you sweet friend :) xx

    1. Thank you dear friend. All is well, just resting and relaxing as much as we can in preparation for our newest arrival. Hope you and your beautiful family are well, wishing we were closer for chats and cups of tea. Much love xxxx