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Monday, 19 May 2014

Our Family Table

In an attempt to save our pennies and fill our bellies with wholesome, delicious food I have been meal planning up a storm. I used to find planning our family meals a restrictive and tiring task but with another little mouth to feed on the way and the constant pull of feeling time poor I decided to give it another go. Many recipes have been tried and tested in our little kitchen over the past few months and these are a few of our families Autumn favourites... 

This delicious side dish is served with steamed fish or grilled chicken seasoned with lemon and paprika and seasonal vegetables. I halve the recipe between two baking dishes and we enjoy it two nights a week.

This warming risotto has to be one of my favourite meals at the moment, we always get two nights meals and serve with crusty home baked bread.
* I often leave out the chicken for Meat Free Mondays...

With a mission to save school lunch boxes, Kate's recipes are always inspiring and leave you wanting more! These brownies have been baked at least once a fortnight since I discovered Kate's delectable recipe and stored in the freezer for an afternoon pick me up or after school treat!

Another double nighter!! Briar's Chicken Corn and Spinach Soup warms the heart and is by far Frog's favourite dish. Served with Garlic and Rosemary pizza bread or crusty sourdough (did I mention we get two nights dinners??)

This banana bread never lasts long in our kitchen! It is my go to 'hope you feel better' present for friends and is enjoyed by all. It sure beats the $5 a slice stuff from the coffee shop at work...

Served with dinners to slop up those last bits of soup or risotto or for lunch with a fresh salad we love this gluten free garlic and rosemary pizza bread...


  1. These are great E! And such a good timing. I'm in such a cooking/snack time rut….Sending love to you and the bump and the family xxx

  2. Thank you dear friend! Hope you are all well, we must organise a catch up once Baby Rampling arrives!! xxxxx