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Monday, 12 May 2014

Documenting Audrey | Play

Her hands are always busy, always looking for new ways to learn and to create... With an imagination that knows no limits, I watch as plastic animals are whisked away to vast lands full of adventure. Conversations of great importance take place between dolls and cars and the most simple of objects carry with them a story waiting to be told. Over time I have learnt to be led by her, not to lead. She is my greatest teacher.

With my belly growing rounder and butterfly sensations turning into swift kicks I am reminded that in a few short months we will be a family of four. With this in mind I have started a little project for my first baby, our Frog. I want to remember her, the every day her, the things that somehow get missed in all the baby books and journals. Over the coming months I will document the little parts of her day that are so special at this age with a few photos and words, the second is play...

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  1. What a beautiful series, Elle! And such a sweet little girl.. x