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Sunday, 17 November 2013


A portrait of Audrey, once a week, every week, in 2013"

You get some of the craziest cases of bed head I have ever seen. It sticks up and out, it is fuzzy on the top and curly on the ends, it is constantly in your eyes and it is all our fault! You got my thin curly hair and your fathers abundance of hair, we both have double crowns and so do you. It may be difficult to manage in the mornings but we wouldn't have it any other way because your hair is just like you... Wild and carefree.

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  1. Beautiful shot! My daughter also has a wild mop of curls, I have learnt to embrace it, I think they suit her just fine :)

  2. Just found my way over here from Che and Fidel.. Couldn't help from clicking on this gorgeous photo! She is just adorable!

  3. She's adorable! I love kids with bed head. We joke that my daughter (who has extremely fine, thin curly-ish hair) wakes up looking like Medusa, with knotty curls sticking out every which way. Kellie xx