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Monday, 7 October 2013

Magic In The Mundane

Miiiiiine! No one else is allowed to touch her fish
She takes her chores very seriously, even reminding me some days
Aqua ceramics making our chooks eggs look too good to eat!
The perfect bananas for cake
Luke and I have been indulging in hot cacao and star anise in the evenings (and mornings)
Vegan macaroni and cheese, will be sure to pop the recipe up soon
New life
Tough decisions
That little boy on the right is my great grandfather

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  1. Oh little Bluebell! Isn't she the tiniest thing ever!! I have shown Bijou your instagram video SO many times...she (and I) can not quite believe it. What a yummy way to end (and start) the day. Hope your week is a lovely one :) xx

    1. Oh she has stolen my heart that little Bluebell, she (or he) is so very sweet. I couldn't believe it either lovely, such a wonderful discovery! Wishing you and yours a wonderful week, cant wait to see you all x x

  2. Your photos are lovely - I have a bunch of bananas that look just like yours, you are right, just perfect for cake !

    1. Thank you! We ended up making making banana and strawberry muffins and they were divine! Wishing you a lovely week x