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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Magic In The Mundane

Mud on your bottom? No biggie!
Picking herbs for dinner
Baby chicks in Deb's wonderland back yard
Wyandotte's escaping the sun
Her new nightly ritual... Break dancing on the lounge!
Please don't judge, some days a Mumma just needs vegemite and gruyere toasties on white bread
The cutest letter from a little girl wishing her step mother a pain free birth..
"Feeedin" her baby dinner
Made with real poo???
White clover covering our front lawn

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  1. That hen is an absolute stunner! We're surprising Sunny with some baby chicks soon! I'm actually excited for her :)

    Sophie xo

    1. Oh how exciting! We love our girls, they have enriched our lives in so many ways. That beautiful hen is a Wyandotte, stunning creature but they have a habit of going very broody!! x

  2. Amazing stills. :) Wish we could have chickens in our yard but alas, we live in a townhouse hopefully one day. :) We feed our "baby" dinner of playdoh too.

    1. Thank you hun, I am so happy her baby isn't gluten intolerant otherwise we would have problems! Wishing you a wonderful week x

  3. Looking at these pictures I wish I could run with children, own chickens, live on a farm and snack on gluten free toasties in the afternoon. Oh I love these pictures!
    Bella x

    1. Bella, you are welcome to come and run with us any day! We will make you something a little fancier then toasties though ;) x x