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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Windy Day Delight.

The wind blows with fury outside our windows, August has arrived. As the sun shines our babe looks at me with confusion, it appears like a beautiful day but we are not outside enjoying it...

A recent diagnosis of asthma has explained months of reoccurring colds and coughs but it has also made us more aware of the conditions we take our Frog out in. With Luke suffering chronic asthma I have had first hand experience at what the wind can do to an asthmatic, especially with all that pollen floating about. To ease Audrey's boredom I decided it might be fun to have a picnic in her room. We prepared our lunch together and set it out on a rug on her bedroom floor. I watched as she fed and talked with each one of her dolls and treated them to a story, the smile on her face confirmation my idea had been a success.


  1. Oh what a perfect way to spend a windy day! What a beautiful mumma you are to that little angel. Enjoy those slow days lovely x x

    1. Thank you dear friend, it was a lovely way to spend a day inside. We cant wait to see you in October! x

  2. Love an indoor picnic! Isn't it wonderful to start to watch their creativity and imagination come to life in play?...I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get in contact with you (I meant to do this way back when Little One came out to congratulate you too), but I've been such a sporadic online presence...But I believe we'll be meeting next week at Life:Captured? I am ridiculously excited :) xxx