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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Chicken Workshop

On Sunday I woke early like a small child on christmas morning, jumped out of bed and ran to the window. A small squeal escaped my mouth as I saw the sun trying to squeeze its way through the rain clouds. After a solid week of wet, grey skies I spent most of Saturday praying for sun. I had been looking forward to attending the backyard chicken workshop run by our breeder and local council for weeks but knew it would be called off if the weather was still wet. In the grounds of the Kiama Community Gardens a bunch of 'chicken tragics' learnt all there is to know about raising happy and healthy backyard chickens. Deb, our breeder, is so passionate about chickens, agriculture and sustainable living I couldn't help but be truly inspired. Our lunch break was spent fossicking in the garden, weeding and exploring the multitude of fruit, vegetables and herbs. I left with confidence in my ability to provide a wonderful home for my chooks, some freshly picked herbs and chokos and a smile on my face.


  1. Oh what a wonderful day! I simply can not wait to have chickens. I'll be picking your brains for advice x x

    1. It really was a wonderful day my dear friend, I had a world of fun and left feeling so inspired. It would be my pleasure to pass on everything I have learnt being Mumma to chickens, both highs and lows. They enrich your life in so many ways, your babes will love them. x x x