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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Herman The Friendship Cake.

Herman was lovingly given to us by our dear friends Jen, Clare and sweet baby Jack. He was handed to us with instructions on how to care for him and help him grow into a delicious cake. For ten days we stirred, fed, loved and encouraged little Herman and we watched as he tripled in size! Then came the big decision, should we bake him into a fruit, chocolate or ginger cake? For us it was easy, all The Rampling's LOVE ginger...
Audrey has really taken to cooking and helping in the kitchen so it was no surprise when she enthusiastically jumped up on her chair and got ready to bake her gingery Herman. Our first attempt at baking Herman didn't quite go to plan, upon tapping his cooled tin onto the cake cooler he fell apart. Another day and another attempt, we popped him in the oven, we crossed our fingers and we asked him very politely to bake well and become strong. As we waited we snacked on the failed Herman (who was delicious regardless of his crumbled appearance) and sang our cooking songs. "DING"! Nervously we took Herman out of the oven and placed him on the counter to let him cool, his beautiful ginger aroma filling our home. With hands steady and careful we eased our ginger Herman cake onto the cooling rack and he looked marvellous!
Now considering Herman is a friendship cake who better then our friends, Luke's cousin and her partner, to share him with? Served with fresh strawberries and cream, he was enjoyed while we spoke of family and love and the new life growing in Kate's rounded belly.
Tomorrow we are off to deliver four baby Hermans to their new homes...


  1. What a beautiful story you have illustrated with your photos.
    A friendship cake, what a gorgeous idea.
    If you FB your address, I will post you a recipe of a cake that my girlfriend cooked me every week after I had parker. It is amazing.
    I may just bake it this week and write a blog post about it. x

    1. It was such a wonderful idea, we had so much fun 'looking after' Herman.
      I would love that recipe, it sounds so special. I cant wait to read all about it!
      Happy baking my dear friend x x

  2. What a lovely idea! I love how you've told the story here, friend.

    1. Thank you friend, you just gave me a little idea. I wonder how a virtual Herman cake would go?? x x

  3. I made my first friendship cake a few weeks ago, it was surprisingly so good! Love the photographs you have taken here, lovely..