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Monday, 13 May 2013

Mother's Day - Part One


- They sat and talked and laughed and my heart sang
- Say "cheese"!
- Freshly baked blueberry sponge cake
- English Breakfast tea in beautiful cups
- Freshly picked flowers
- Leftovers lovingly packed for hubby to take to work
- Concentration
- Thoughtful gifts exchanged
- "Shoo's Mumma"
- Her new gumboots went everywhere she did

Mother's Day this year was very quiet as my darling husband had to work night shift on both Saturday and Sunday nights. He still managed to make me breakfast in bed, present me with a beautiful present and pick fresh flowers. My frog, who made me a Mother, only left my side to be with her Great Grandmother. We shared many kisses and cuddles and a few sneaky chocolates, it was the perfect day...


  1. That looks like such a beautiful mother's day.
    Since following you on Instagram, I have been meaning to make it over to your blog for ages! I am glad I am finally here!

    1. Oh hello! I have been meaning to pop over and say hello too! I cant wait to see how your beautiful chickens are going! We had a wonderful Mother's Day and continued the celebrations today. I hope you had a wonderful day too x x x

  2. Just perfect! Gorgeous images of a really special time. :) x

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