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Saturday, 11 May 2013

A Crafternoon For Her Nans

This Mother's Day we decided to make Audrey's Nanna's and Great Nanna's bookmarks as they all love to read. I had been searching Pinterest for inspiration when I saw Amy from LittleONE Baby Magazine (on Instagram) making roses out of foot and hand prints. I loved the idea but was a little concerned as Audrey has only ever painted at school (I have been a little nervous about the idea of paint all over my house). I bought a little sample pot of children's paints and brushes and we ventured outside in the sun to paint... I don't know what I was so concerned about, not only did we have a delightful afternoon but Audrey walked away almost paint free! I think all the Nana's are going to absolutely love their heartfelt Mother's Day gift. Although the roses are not the real deal and they only cost us a few dollars to make they will last a lifetime, just like Audrey's love for the special women in her life.

PS: After our wonderful time crafting with paint I have decided it is time I invest in some quality painting supplies. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on products you have found work well with your little one?


  1. Oh what a lovely idea Mumma & Audrey - sure they will be a cherished gift! I love the touch of twine.
    We started super early with the paints (like 5 months! I think it was the pre-school teacher in me!)
    To begin with I made my own paint, as I was a little scared it would end up in Lola's mouth! But for the kiddos age now, it's fine to buy little paint pots from your local craft shop. All the kids ones I've come across are safe, non toxic, and wash out fairly easy etc. As you go through them so quickly, I don't opt for the super expensive ones.

    The little paint pots you have pictured have worked a treat though for us, as Lola has more control over using them and I find paint doesn't go everywhere! One of Lola's fav things to do is help squirt out the paint, hence the paint pots working a treat!

    Of course you then have the rollers, paintbrushes of every size, foam stamps etc. etc. that you can easily get from cheapy shops, and I bet Audrey will have ball washing them all in the sink afterward!

    Alright, over and out here - have fun, love lots x

    1. Five months, oh you are one brave Mumma Ashlee. I implore your courage as I actually feel guilty that I didn't start sooner. So you find the smaller paint pots work better then the larger ones? I bought some brushes and sponges but a roller sounds fabulous! It is funny you say that about washing the brushes because I think that was Audrey's favourite part, she squealed in delight as we washed them and the coloured water splashed everywhere!
      Thank you once again lovely, you are a constant source of wonderful information! x x

  2. Haha - yep, sometimes I'm sure squeezing the paint out of the tubes and the washing up is more enjoyable for lola than the actual painting part! I think it's mama who prefers the paint pots and lola who prefers the paint tubes... hmmm, so mix it up a bit. We use the tubes if we have our paint clothes on, if we have plenty of time up our sleeves & just as much time to clean up afterwards. Paint pots are good for when Lola asks to paint, but I know it will only be for like 5 mins before she wants to move on!
    Us mummas have a sixth sense for these types of situations!
    Can't wait to see more of the little artists work xx