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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Audrey's One-derland In LittleONE Baby.

I have been holding off on this post until the Winter Edition of Lilttle ONE Baby arrived on shelves, the excitement growing with the countdown to May..

My pregnancy with Audrey was tough, both physically and emotionally, 39 weeks and five days of severe nausea/vomiting and two burst ovarian cysts meant there were many a day spent curled up on our lounge. The support and love of my husband, family and friends brought me happiness and strength but there was one other that raised my spirits and as silly as it may sound that was LittleONE baby magazine. With its pages full of beautiful images of happy families, stories of triumph and loss and so many wonderful and innovative things to buy for your babe I would dream of the little one growing within me and the adventure we had ahead of us. LittleONE provided me with inspiration for Audrey's room, ideas on birth and parenting and a place to escape in some of my darkest days..

Imagine my overwhelming joy when Amy Doak, publishing editor of LittleONE, said she would be interested in having Audrey's first birthday in her magazine! I carefully selected images that reflected the celebratory atmosphere of Audrey's day and as I wrote my words I imagined pregnant women, sitting with warm tea in hand, enjoying the magazines images and stories just as I had all those months before.

* Audrey's party can be found on page 88 of Issue 10, in store now.

I thought I might share a few more images from Audrey's special day, we will always treasure the memories of her first birthday and the love that surrounded us by our family and friends (and that horrible wind that kept blowing everything on the cake table over!)




Sunday, 26 May 2013


"A portrait of Audrey, once a week, every week, in 2013"

We are up to your fourth hair cut, I cannot believe the rate at which your unruly hair grows! You sit very still and watch the snipping of the scissors and water being sprayed, only becoming frustrated at the end when it comes to trimming your fringe. I love watching you take everything in as you look around the salon at the other patrons, foil peeking out from their hair or sitting under the heat. I cannot help but wonder what you are thinking...

Could Maile be any more beautiful? I love following Maile and her Mumma Katie on instagram. Their days are full of love and adventure plus the most adorable pics of this beautiful girl and her dog.

- Joining in with Jodi and a world of talented bloggers -

Sunday, 19 May 2013


"A portrait of Audrey, once a week, every week, in 2013"

The week has been tough my dear frog.. We have battled vomiting bugs, we said good bye to our beloved Mabel and we received some not-so-good news. But within the hard times there were good.. We celebrated Mother's Day not once but twice in the most relaxing ways, we rejoiced in the afternoon sun and shared ice cream by the water, we welcomed new chicks into our family and we laughed with delight at all the new words and phrases you are learning. There will be weeks sent to try us little frog, but as long as we stop to appreciate the good that can be hidden amongst the bad we will make it through.

This week I enjoyed a very cute 'un-portrait' of Penny and her unicorn shoes.

- Joining in with Jodi and a world of talented bloggers -

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Mother's Day - Part Two


Today my little family and I headed out for lunch to celebrate Mother's Day as my dear husband had to work night shift all weekend. We had an absolute blast eating, drinking, sharing dessert and watching our little frog wave and smile at all the other patrons. After we finished our delicious lunch we pottered back up the hill, stopping to look in shop windows on our way. Audrey found one shop window so fascinating she squealed in delight as we walked in to have a better look. After purchasing some Ben & Jerry's ice cream to share (not that we needed anymore food) we headed home for some relaxing time in the afternoon sun in our yard.

I was truly spoilt this Mother's Day, made to feel so loved and treasured by my family. I am blessed...

Monday, 13 May 2013

Mother's Day - Part One


- They sat and talked and laughed and my heart sang
- Say "cheese"!
- Freshly baked blueberry sponge cake
- English Breakfast tea in beautiful cups
- Freshly picked flowers
- Leftovers lovingly packed for hubby to take to work
- Concentration
- Thoughtful gifts exchanged
- "Shoo's Mumma"
- Her new gumboots went everywhere she did

Mother's Day this year was very quiet as my darling husband had to work night shift on both Saturday and Sunday nights. He still managed to make me breakfast in bed, present me with a beautiful present and pick fresh flowers. My frog, who made me a Mother, only left my side to be with her Great Grandmother. We shared many kisses and cuddles and a few sneaky chocolates, it was the perfect day...