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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Where The Heart Is...

They say home is where the heart is, well my heart is torn in two...

I love our little home nestled among the green hills and neighbour to the jersey cows. We are less then half an hour from where I was born and raised and the memories that surround me warm my heart. It is the first home Luke and I bought together, we have lived here through our engagement, planned our wedding here and brought our frog home here. We have made many life long friends and are within minutes to some of Australia's most beautiful forests and beaches.

Yet there is a gentle hum within me yearning for a change that I can no longer deny. We spent our Easter celebrating and loving life in Bellingen, my hubby's home town. It is a simple town where its residents walk to a slower beat and stop to appreciate life and each other. People believe in organic, clean living and the hills are lined with fresh produce. I can see myself and my family easily fitting into place in this sleepy town and feel its gentle pull more and more each time we visit.

Here are a few snaps from our time in Bello and Easter celebrations. I am sure you will see why a piece of me is in this beautiful town...

Love, Elle

Bellopy Markets, not even half its normal size on Good Friday
Nothing better then fresh, local grown produce
This was a favourite! 
Exploring with Poppy John
Our Frog at the park, making new friends
These two...
Walks around the town
Off to Dorrigo to visit our new horse
Our new lady, Light N Ready
Audrey was amazed
Exploring the backyard at Hezzie & Poppy Johns
Playing games with Hezzie
"Let me in guys!"
The Easter hunt
Just taking a quick break...
Showing her Poppy the 'flowers' she found
Off to Easter lunch with the rest of the locals at the Pub!
These two!
Us, The Rampling's
Showing Poppy how it is done
Sharing a special treat with Hezzie
Off exploring with her Aunty Lulu
Running, in the rain, always my frog.


  1. Looks like you had a beautiful Easter there. I can totally see why you would want to move there. X Love Carli. X

  2. Not sure how this post slipped by! Beautiful photos & story. Are you really considering moving? How exciting! Keep us updated xx

    1. I miss posts all the time hun, I don't know how they pass me by.. We have been thinking about making the move for some time but we are not quite ready. We will end up there on day when the time is right.. x x