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Monday, 18 February 2013

Teething Pains.

Some things in life aren't fair, I could list many but one that is heavily on my mind at the moment is teething. Why cant we all be born with a mouth full of teeth? Yes breastfeeding would be twice as hard but any mother will tell you they would happily take their child's pain if they could. Audrey is normally the happiest and easy going child but as soon as those gums redden and swell she is miserable, she cant sleep and she finds it hard to eat. When she is teething Audrey becomes our baby again, no longer the independent little girl we have come to know, she needs lots of cuddles and back rubs and the only way to get her to sleep is to wrap her as we did when she was a newborn. I know as soon as that pearly white breaks its way to the surface she will be herself again but for now we are giving her all the cuddles and homemade icy poles she needs to feel better.

Love, Elle

teary cuddles on daddy's shoulder
wrapped in love
her chu chu is always close by
not wanting to leave mumma's side at a friends party

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