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Thursday, 7 February 2013

School Days.

When I drop Audrey at school her hair is neatly brushed in place, her face is freshly washed, her clothes are pressed and her little hands are sparkling clean....

When I pick Audrey up from school she is covered in paint and dirt, her hair is a disheveled mess, her face appears to be absorbing leftovers from lunch or afternoon tea and she somehow manages to bring home half the sand pit in her clothes. But what I notice most about Audrey when I pick her up is her big smile, she loves to play with the other children and explore their world of sand, bugs and craft. I often find her 'talking' and giggling with the other children and her teachers. It is so comforting for this working Mumma to know my little girl is happy where she is spending her days while I am at work.

Love, Elle.

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