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Friday, 15 February 2013

In Her Own Time.

One thing we have discovered about Audrey is she learns things on her terms and in her own time, some may call it stubborn but we prefer headstrong......

When Audrey was born she refused to breastfeed, I was heart broken, every feed was a battle between mother and daughter which mostly ended in tears. I took to expressing and feeding her with a bottle in hope she would eventually change her mind. One day in the wee hours of the morning (when lack of sleep and exhaustion turns all hope on its head) I was about to give up when she latched on perfectly and started to feed.

When most of Audrey's friends were crawling and climbing our little one preferred a method we affectionately nicknamed the worm. She would get around by pulling herself forward with her arms, sliding her bottom up in the air and pushing with her legs. Luke and I tried everything to encourage her off her belly and onto her knees but our pleas fell on deaf ears. Then, just as we resigned ourselves to having a little worm and not a crawler, she decided to crawl on all fours and off she went.

Now its time to walk and of course Audrey prefers to crawl. Now don't get me wrong, Audrey can walk! She happily cruises around the furniture and has even taken her first steps but its like she tried the walking thing and has decided its not for her. So we wait, we know better now, we know she will do it in her own time and when she does we will celebrate as we have before. In the mean time I will continue to wipe clean grubby little hands and soak dirty knees...

Love, Elle


  1. Sounds very familiar, my eldest didn't walk until he was 14 months - even though he started pulling to stand at 8 months! He was totally able, just didn't want to! But, once they start you'll wish they didn't haha!! Xxx

    1. Oh I am so glad to hear we are not the only ones with a headstrong little one. Audrey has also been pulling herself up since a young age but she just doesn't want to walk.. She will when she is ready and then I am sure I will be running ha ha x x x