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Thursday, 17 January 2013

What's In A Name?

Luke and I decided on names pretty early into my pregnancy and we didn't really stray. We dabbled a few times but we always came back to Audrey for a girl and William for a boy. At our 20 week scan (after much deliberation) we decided to find out if we were having a little boy or girl. We gave the sonographer a card and asked her to write the sex inside. After our scan we drove to our little spot on the hill in Kiama, we sipped hot chocolate and with shaking hands we opened the card to reveal the gender of our baby.

"IT'S A GIRL! Congratulations!"

From that day we would talk to her and call her by name. I would sing silly, made up songs to her (I quickly realised not many words rhyme with Audrey) and the bond between the three of us grew even stronger.

In my last trimester, as my due date was approaching, I started to think about nicknames. I never really had a nickname till I was in my twenties, Luke on the other hand has about six. I decided really liked Aggie, I definitely didn't like Auds and I couldn't really think of anything else. Fast forward a few weeks and our beautiful little girl arrived. A few hours after she was born Luke started referring to Audrey as his little frog and I had no idea why. Apparently from Luke's view outside the tub, when Audrey was born she reached out with her tiny wet hand and grabbed hold of my chest. She held on so tight it looked like a little frog holding onto a rock and the image stuck in his mind. I wasn't too excited about the idea of my little girl being called frog and quickly dismissed it. As the months flew by and Audrey grew I tried calling her Aggie but it just didn't feel right. Then a few weeks ago I needed to get her attention so I called her frog, Luke has been calling her Frog since day one, and of course she turned and gave me the biggest smile! So frog it is, our little frog.

Today as I packed away the toys from a day of play I looked around our house and I realised she was always meant to be our little frog, it just took me a little longer to realise it...

Love, Elle. x x x

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  1. Clare also has a non-name based nick name. Due mainly to the fact that, like Audrey, her name was hard to shorten into something we liked. We call her Muffin and more often than not she responds to being called that instead of Clare. I know it will stick forever. Now to find a nickname for number two....