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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Bug.

The start to this week saw an unwanted house guest make itself at home in our home!! On Monday night around 9pm we could hear muffled crying coming from Audrey's room, Luke went to investigate... A few moments later I heard "Oh god, its everywhere!!" I rushed down the hall to her room to be met by a pungent smell and the sight of my darling girl sitting in a pool of vomit. She was covered, it was through her hair, her hands, her feet, she couldn't even open her little eyes (she is a belly sleeper). Without speaking Luke and I looked at each other and sprung into action. Luke grabbed Audrey and headed for the bathroom. I stripped her bed, threw the linen in the laundry and rushed back down the hall to the bathroom (stripping myself at the same time). I jumped in the shower with our very distressed little girl while Luke went to sort out the massacred linen and re make her bed. After we dressed her and gave her plenty of cuddles we put her back to bed and she fell straight to sleep. We weren't sure if she just had an upset tummy or her first tummy bug so we made ourselves a cuppa and waited. We didn't have to wait long, our cups of tea barely had time to cool before we heard her crying and so began a long night of tears, changes of clothes and cuddles.

It is heart breaking seeing your child upset and unwell, you wish with all your heart that you could take their pain and it wasn't long before my wish came true! No sooner had Audrey started to get back on her feet the next day, I was in the bathroom re-acquainting myself with the toilet. Memories of 9 months of morning sickness swam in my head...

Thankfully we are now all on the mend. The past few days we stayed indoors and enjoyed the comfort of our little home. We read books, we had cuddles on the lounge and we slept. It seemed to be everything we needed to make a full recovery.

Love, Elle. x x x

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  1. Oh u poor thing! Poor lil Audrey! We had this before Christmas ;-(
    Glad u are all well again. Take care, Sheri and Bella x