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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Music To My Ears.

I always knew Audrey would be musical having Luke as a father, he can literally pick up any instrument and teach himself how to play it...

Audrey loves to listen to Luke play the guitar. She prefers the songs at the start and end of kids shows to the actual show itself. She loves to play her tambourine, drums and maracas and can often be found in the kitchen banging a wooden spoon on a bowl. But her absolute favourite thing to do is play our (very old) piano, she would happily sit there for hours if I let her. I always watch in amazement as she gently presses the keys with her chubby little fingers and sings (if you can call it that). She never bashes or hits the keys and her tongue is always out and to one side for extra concentration!

I often wonder who she will be as she grows up but I know one thing for sure... There will always be music in her future.

Love, Elle.

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