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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Afternoon Delight.

Today our very dear friends came over to celebrate, well nothing really, we just haven't had the time with the silly season to sit down and have a good catch up. So what better excuse to open a bottle of red and indulge in some beautiful cheeses. The afternoon was full of laughs, stories of travel, memories of the past and the boys making plans to conquer the world of truffle hunting...

There is nothing better then catching up with friends who make you laugh, who challenge you to be a better person and who love you. Unfortunately we were having that much I forgot to pick my camera up to take some photos of us all. So here are some photos of the food and of course our little frog enjoying her Aunty Tash and Uncle Geoff.

Love, Elle.

Experimenting with goats cheese

The perfect platter
Grant Burge, always a favourite
Strawberry & Basil water
Pretty red straws

Something refreshing after all the cheese

Sneaky Daddy!
Playing with Uncle Geoff
Trying to steal Geoff's cheese
Red Velvet cupcakes with tea to finish


  1. Sharing the watermelon! So sweet! I love that picture, one of my favourites from this post. I am so pleased to have stumbled across your beautiful blog.
    Bella xx

  2. Thank you Bella! We do have a very sharing and caring little one. Just popped over to your beautiful blog, your apple plum and nectarine galette will most definitely be getting a workout over this rainy weekend! x x