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Sunday, 13 January 2013

About A Boy.

Six years ago I met a special boy who stole my heart. This week saw him turn 32 but unfortunately he had to work so our celebrations were postponed till last night. There are many reasons I love my husband but here are my top ten plus a few snap shots of our dinner at The German Club and our stroll after to try and walk off those kranksy sausages...

1. His smile (and as we grow older, his smile lines)
2. His sense of humour and his laugh
3. His love of all things musical
4. His laid back attitude, no matter what life throws our way
5. His love and compassion for animals
6. His patience with me
7. His brain (he is very intelligent although he doesn't like to admit it)
8. His love of knowledge, if luke is interested in something he will not rest until he knows everything there is to know.
9. His sense of family, nothing is more important

And last but most certainly not least

10. His love for our daughter, he is Audrey's hero and they truly are the best of friends

Love, Elle. x x x

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