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Saturday, 19 January 2013


I am the oldest of three and there is twelve years difference between myself and my baby brother. Today sees that littlest of brothers turn 18 and my goodness this makes me feel old!! It feels like only yesterday I could hold him in my arms, we would snooze together on the lounge in the hot Queensland summers and I would watch him play and day dream his days away in our backyard. I remember his first day at pre school and his transition to "big" school. I remember the day we found out he was diabetic and being so proud at our he handled it with maturity beyond his years. I have always been mesmerised by his old world ways and love of everything 80's (sometimes I think he was born in the wrong decade).

Today as we spoke on the phone and I wished him all the love a big sister could he told me he was venturing out clubbing tonight to celebrate. "Clubbing"! The last time I went clubbing Destiny's Child was in the top ten and my skirt was shorter than I wish to remember...

So here is to my baby bro, may your grown up days be filled with happiness and adventure. May you love and learn, may you grow and prosper. And may you never forget the love of your big sister.

Love, Elle (Sissy to Zac) x x x

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