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Sunday, 18 November 2012


You may or may not have noticed I have been missing from the blog world for a while, the last few months have been action packed. There have been colds, there have been flus, there have been rashes, there have been celebrations and there have been many, many parties! Two of us have celebrated birthdays, one of us celebrated over 10 years in the police force and we raised our glasses to two years of marriage! This little family has certainly been on the go but tonight I am taking time out to say hello and update you on our little girl..

Audrey is growing and developing in leaps and bounds! She crawls, she sings, she waves and kisses goodbye, she says "mumma", "daddy",  "nanna", "hello", "ta", 'jazz" and "Audrey"! She loves to eat whatever we are and especially enjoys fish and fruit but I would have to say one of her favourite things is my grilled halloumi salad! Her personality is really starting to show, she is going to be a very funny little girl full of giggles and laughter and you can see see will enjoy all things musical. We get lots of kisses and cuddles and so do her dolls, she is a very loving and caring little girl...

Promise it wont be so long between posts next time!

Love, Elle. x x x

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