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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Ten Things...

I have been Mumma to Audrey for nine months now and this is a list of my top ten MUST haves for making life a little easier....

1. A Good Camera - to capture all those special moments, especially having family far away.

2. Muslin Wraps - as a new born they are great for the obvious as they have a natural "stretch" but now if we are out and Audrey falls asleep they are the perfect, light cover for her pram.

3. A Dryer - I know its horrible for the environment and our electricity bill but it has saved our life on many occasion when I have forgotten to wash uniforms and only remembered at 11pm the night before!

4. Nappi San - for all those 'accidents' and food mishaps.

5. An Emergency Stash of Dummies (or chu chu's as they are called in our house) - Audrey is a dummy girl and I have decided they are like socks, they just disappear..

6. The Bumbo Chair - from an early age Audrey wanted to sit up (probably due to her projectile reflux) and not only was our bumbo used at feeding times but it also encouraged her to learn to sit unassisted. Plus it is easy to chuck in the car and travel with.

7. A Magic Bullet - we did have a steam and blend machine but I have found the magic bullet is actually better as you can change the consistency of their veges etc as they grow older (not to mention they take up a lot less room in the kitchen).

8. A Comfy Feeding Chair - we spent a lot of time in our feeding chair (especially at night when she was a newborn) and our big, comfy chair provided the perfect space for cuddling and bonding time while feeding.

9. A Spare Bib - Audrey is a puker so one bib is never enough!

And most importantly...

10. A "Take Each Day As It Comes" Attitude - cause you just never know what you are going to get!

Love, Elle.

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