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Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Don't worry guys it is Wednesday not Sunday but I just had to share something with you all....

Lately when I give Audrey her toys or some (much loved) food I have been holding the item in front of her and saying "taaaaaaaaa" "taaaaaaaaaaaa" "taaa Audrey" and normally she just stares at me with a quizzical look. Tonight whilst enjoying our nightly ritual of a bubble bath she decided she just had to have her green frog who was bopping up and down behind me. I retrieved the floating frog and placed it in front of her "taaaaaa" "taaaaaaaaa". Audrey reached up, grabbed her frog, looked me in the eye and said the tiniest little "ta", my mouth hit the water!! Surely not?? So I found her favourite pink duck and showed it to her "taaaaaa" "taaaaaaa", Audrey reached up again and the same little "ta" was whispered out her gorgeous little mouth. I was so proud I yelled out to Luke to tell him about our polite and clever bubba.

I know it is only something small but I am just amazed and delighted by every new skill my beautiful daughter learns...

Love, Elle.

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