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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Mother Of The Year.

Well, lets just say if there was a mother of the year award I would not be winning it this week! It certainly has been a week of ups and downs in The Rampling home and some days I have felt as though I was always one step behind...

This week I managed to forget to pack formula in Audrey's school bag, didn't pack myself any dry clothes for after swimming lessons, let her sleep in our bed twice, accidentally broke her favourite toy, forgot to buy formula (and only realised at bed time so had to call Luke while he was at work and ask him to bring us some), let her eat way too many baby num num biscuits and watch way too much TV and just before I sat down to write this I managed to break her new drink bottle!

Do you ever have those weeks where your confidence as a Mumma gets shaken? I know the toy picnic basket and drink bottle can easily be replaced and I have learnt to always have a back up tin of formula and double check all bags before leaving the house. But I do worry that letting us slip into bad habits such as having a cheeky sleep in our bed or letting her eat too many sweet biscuits will affect her development. Audrey isn't crawling yet but over the last few days she has started "bum scooting", saying "ta" and pulling herself up on the furniture. I do try not to over stress about her crawling as I am a firm believer that babies will achieve their milestones in their own time, but is my parenting hindering her? Most weeks her diet is perfect, she sleeps regularly and in her own bed and I am not running around like a chook with its head cut off. But every now and then things just crumble and nothing goes to plan and these are the weeks where I am left feeling like a horrible Mumma. I have often wondered am I alone in feeling this way?? I would love to hear some of your stories of "less then perfect" parenting, if for nothing else, to make me feel better about a week of bad parenting in our house!

Love, Elle.

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  1. Yes it is completely normal to feel that way sometimes! As new mums we put high expectations upon ourselves to be the perfect parents. Whereas in reality nobody is perfect and its also important for kids to see that we a'rent perfect and also makes mistakes. Some weeks are hard and some weeks go perfectly to plan, with happy kids, parents and everything seems to fall into place. I am probably over organised and like to have everything laid out and ready for the next day so that i don't need to run around like a crazy person! But a couple of weeks ago about 20 minutes till bedtime, i found i had one nappy left. Oh crap i stressed! I grabbed both kids, in their jammies and dressing gowns and took off down to the shops. Halfway there i realised that i had forgotten my shoes (had socks on) and was wearing rather daggy trackies and a fitted white shirt, without a bra. With 2 tired and whingy toddlers in the back i just kept on going to the shops and did what i had to do! And some days are just like that! Like this morning Krystal would not stop whinging so in front of the tv she sits, for the past 40 minutes watching Dora. Just so she will leave her sister alone for 5 seconds and i can catch my breath and get some housework done! Never feel like a bad parent, you're a great mum. And we do the best we can always. xxx