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Sunday, 15 July 2012


Trying To Conceive... Three little words that can strike fear in the heart of any couple. Did you know that 1 in 10 Australian couples will have trouble getting pregnant despite 12 months of trying? How about the fact that a healthy 30 year old woman, whose partner is also healthy, has about a 20% chance of conceiving during any given month? It seems for some the process of falling pregnant is simple while for others it can be a long and emotional journey. I always thought I would be in the later group....

I have suffered with endometriosis, ovarian cysts and dysmenorrhea for as long as I can remember and was told by numerous physicians that the road to being a mumma was going to be a long one. Luke and I knew we wanted little Rampling's but had decided we would travel before starting a family. On a regular check up with my GP the topic of family came up and I was told due to my age and "issues" we should start trying soon or accept we may not have children. I remember leaving the appointment filled with overwhelming guilt that I was the reason we were going to have to reassess our plans, scared I wouldn't be able to fall pregnant and angry that my body might not work the way it should. Fast forward a few months and imagine our surprise when we fell after our first month of trying! I remember the morning I discovered I was pregnant like it was yesterday. Luke and I had been at Bunnings the day before and I was so nauseous I nearly vomited my mandatory Bunnings sausage sizzle all over the paint desk (surely I couldn't be pregnant). I did the test first thing the next morning but I was so sure I wouldn't be pregnant I actually forgot to check it. It wasn't till I went to throw it in the bin before going to work that I saw it, the double line!!! No, surely not, it must be a mistake. I proceeded to take three more tests all of which show the same impossible result... Positive! I still didn't believe I was pregnant until we were in my GPs office with the results of my blood test, and to say the three of us were in shock is an understatement! Instantly all the guilt, fear and anger that I had felt the last time I was sitting in that chair was replaced with pure joy and excitement.

I would love to hear your story.... How long were you trying before you to fell pregnant? Did you need assistance? How did you feel when you found out you were expecting?

Love, Elle.

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