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Sunday, 8 July 2012

One Of Those Mornings...

I did have a different topic in mind to talk about today but something happened this morning and it got me thinking. I hope I am not alone when I tell you about our morning, I am picturing all the organised mummas shaking their head "tisk tisk" as I write this.

So this morning Audrey and I had planned to meet our dear friend for a coffee, something I had been looking forward to for weeks. Tash is one of those friends you can spend five minutes or five hours with and the catch up never seems long enough. We can talk of life, love, food, wine and bounce ideas of the world off one another. Anyway, when you have a child, getting out the door changes from pottering about the house listening to music to total chaos. And our morning went a little something like this....

Audrey woke up late (not that I am complaining), but that meant she had her morning nap late which put us behind. I text Tash "Can we make it 11am not 10.30am?". As I dress her I reach for a white all-in-one to put under her outfit and remember I forgot to hang them on the line, they are still in the washing machine from yesterday afternoon. I make do and grab a 00 praying I can squeeze her ever growing body into it. Success!! Now where are her gold shoes, I know she wore them on Wednesday but where are they? I finish dressing her and feed her some veges before having a shower (which I should have done while she was having a nap but I opted to have a cheeky little kip myself). As I run around trying to get myself ready I realise I haven't used the baby bag in a while (cr@p)! Nappies - check. Wipes - check. Nappy bags - check. Chu chu - check. Bibs - check. Snacks - check. Change of clothes - check. Extra jumper - check. Toys - check. Bottle (mmmm when did she last have a bottle?) throw one in just in case - check. I proceed to get ready and go to put my fave new t-shirt on only to find a spew stain on the sleeve, how did that get there? No worries, I grab my back up but it needs to be ironed. We manage to get out the door and as I turn to lock it I see my house resembles the local tip, meh I'll deal with it when we get back. We make our way down to Shellharbour, the day is beautiful so I open the windows and pump a bit of Triple J, I turn to see Audrey smiling in the back and the chaos of the morning is forgotten. As I am getting out of the car I pop the boot and go to get the pram, where is the pram?? I can picture it sitting in our living room, oh well looks like Audrey will be sitting on my lap!

Please tell me you all have days like these? I wish I was one of those mummas whose house was perfect and everything in its place. I wish my clothes were always ironed and ready to go, I wish I had the mind to pre-pack bags and get things ready the night before. I really wish I remembered necessary items like a pram, but then I guess life wouldn't be as fun....

Love,  Elle.


  1. I'll trump you with a forgotton pram AND baby bag - but on the bright side we remembered bread for the ducks! Happy Sunday to you xx

  2. Ha ha ha, you definitely win!! But at least you had the bread... x x x